Information evenings

We organize online information evenings at the Uithoorn midwifery practice. These evenings are organized free of charge, you can register during office hours or by email.

    Preparing for childbirth

    Topics that will be offered during the second information evening are;

    • How do we know it's started
    • When should we call
    • Birthing positions
    • The role of the partner
    • What can I expect from my obstetrician?
    • If things go differently
    • Maternity time
    • What does the consultation bureau do?

    The information evening is via ZOOM from 19:30 to 21:00. 



    Information evening in the hospital

    In addition, all hospitals in the area have information evenings, during which there is also a tour of the delivery rooms.

    Amstelland hospital

    AMC hospital

    VU hospital

    Breastfeeding information evenings

    The Bosom Friend