Ways of giving birth

Choose your birth position yourself

You decide in which position you want to bring your baby into the world. It's your birth. If you choose your delivery position(s) yourself, you have more control. That feels good. Many women then look back on their birth with a better feeling afterwards. You do not have to give birth on your back, see folder;'Your birth, which position suits you?'

Advantages of 'other' delivery positions

  • You often feel less pain during contractions.
  • It takes less time before you start pushing.
  • The pressing takes less time.
  • Pressing is often easier and hurts less.
  • Many women are less ashamed of these poses.
  • The chance of intervention (such as cutting, vacuum pump) is smaller.

Think about it now: what would you like next?

If you see what is possible, you can already think of what suits you. You can of course also change your position during the birth. As often as you want. As long as you feel good about it and are well prepared for the possibilities.

Talk to your midwife about it

Knowing more? Discuss with your midwife what you would like during your pregnancy. If it is medically justified, we will support you in your choice.

What does the practice offer

For a number of postures you have extraattributesrequired. If you have very specific wishes, there are various organizations that rent out these birthing attributes. However, the practice already has a number of things such as;

  • stool
  • birth bath (for rent)

If you would like to use one of these birthing attributes, please discuss this during the consultation.