Pregnancy and Birth

Our care aims to create a safe and healthy situation around pregnancy and birth in which the family is central. If you are pregnant in the Amstelland Meerlanden region, you can register at a midwifery practice near you. At the first check-up around 8 weeks, we will look at which care best suits your situation. At the obstetrician where possible and at the gynaecologist where necessary. The maternity nurse provides support during and after the birth.

Cooperating parties

Birth care in the Amstelland Meerlanden region is organized in a Midwifery Partnership, referred to as the VSV. The VSV is a collaboration between obstetric practices in Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Uithoorn and Mijdrecht, gynaecologists from Amstelland Hospital and maternity care organizations De Kraamvogel, Zin en Kraam and Co.

Care path

During the intake, the obstetric care provider will go through a questionnaire with you. These questions include your medical history, your personal situation and any hereditary disorders in the family. You will also receive advice about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and the option of prenatal screening.

After the intake, the obstetrician will coordinate the information with the gynecologist if necessary and then discuss your personal care path with you, stating which check-ups and examinations suit you. If you have a medical indication, the check-ups will take place at the gynaecologist in the hospital. . You can register yourself with a maternity care organization between weeks 8 and 12 of your pregnancy.