Parents of children born in the municipality of Uithoorn can make an appointment for the registration of birth via the website



Sanne Koeman Lactation Consultant (

Breastfeeding center De Ronde Venen, Aline Bakker Lactation expert (

The Breastfeeding Practice

Breastfeeding knowledge center

Breastfeeding organizations

Breastfeeding organization La Leche League

Bat rental (sometimes also via maternity care) or via (Mijdrecht available 7 days a week)


Professional organizations

Royal Dutch Organization of Midwives

KNOV website for pregnant women 

Website by midwife for you

Dutch Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology



Amstelland and Meerlanden screening center for screening and fun ultrasounds of


Aid workers

Pelvic floor physiotherapist Uithoorn/Amstelhoek: Linda van Bemmelen

Pelvic physiotherapist Mijdrecht: Willeke van der Neat 


Dietitian: Lonneke de Bruijne

Doula / pregnancy coach / pregnancy massage: Renee Meijer

Lactation consultant (breast nutritionist): Sanne Koeman 


Uithoorn Helps

Website with information about care, support, living, upbringing, work and welfare in Uithoorn.

Amstelland participation. An accessible organization for psychosocial assistance and social support


Uithoorn Social Desk

You can contact the Social Desk for all questions about housing, welfare, care, nuisance, support, work, income, upbringing, growing up, debt counseling and youth assistance.


Other FIOM

For information and assistance with pregnancy loss, teenage pregnancy and unintended pregnancy.


National knowledge center for psychiatry and pregnancy


Offer support to people with intellectual disabilities when they want to have children, pregnancy and parenthood.



Ultrasound center for nuchal translucency measurement, 20 week ultrasound, fun ultrasounds such as gender determination and 3D.

Psychological help


For support and guidance with psychological complaints surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and in the first year of your child, individually or in a course, information and registration.

Psyche & Pregnancy

If the memory of your child's birth is overshadowed by feelings of fear, pain, anger or sadness it can affect your daily life and the relationship with your child and partner. You can also come here with other themes that get in the way of your emotional well-being.



maternity care (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (independent maternity care) (not all zip codes) (independent maternity care)




Hazardous substances


home care store

Amstelring (spools / stock rental) /

Oerbron (rental and sale of beval articles)


Pregnancy courses

1 Day Pregnancy and Delivery Course Uithoorn


Amstelring (offer different courses)

shun right

Kudelstaart/ Aalsmeer



Pregnancy Yoga

Uithoorn /



Giving birth together

Childbirth course together

Hypnobirth Renee Verhoek

Hypnobirth Esther George

Mindful Birth and Parenting

Mom in Balance

(outdoor training for pregnant women, recovery training after childbirth and total body workouts for women)

Dancing for Birth Pregnancy Dance

Maternity Swimming


Childbirth pain….and now? labor pains now

(both in Dutch and English)

Online cusus

also in English, French, Polish and Arabic

English courses




Avenue of the Healing Masters 8

1186 AM Amstelveen

020 755 7000



Meibergdreef 9

1105 AZ Amsterdam

020 566 9111



Polish information

Breech presentation Moxa therapy https ://pure


To raise

Bloom massage. Pregnancy massage and baby courses Aalsmeer