Pregnancy Checkups

If you have discovered that you are pregnant, you can register with us immediately, you do not need a referral from your GP. We make 3 appointments when you register. The first appointment is an ultrasound at 8 to 9 weeks of pregnancy. The second appointment is by telephone, the midwife will then call you for the intake. We make the third appointment around week 10-11, this is the term ultrasound.
Before you make an appointment, you will receive a welcome email with information and links to relevant topics. We ask you to read these brochures before your first appointment. You will also receive a link to an intake form with questions about, for example, your medical background. The controls look like this:

first ultrasound around 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, 15 minutes:

  • Ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy, how many babies and whether it is in the womb, and whether the heart is beating


Intake  around 9 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, 30 minutes:

 Term Echo: around 10 to 11 weeks of pregnancy, 14 minutes.

  • Discussing your thoughts and choices about early screening of your baby
  • Provide laboratory forms for blood tests (infectious diseases / blood group / iron content / glucose / vitamin D)
  • Decision Centering Pregnancy ( or according to old-fashioned control system


In the beginning of the pregnancy you will have a check-up every 4 weeks. Later on, the check-ups will follow each other more quickly and at the end of the pregnancy we will see you weekly. Throughout the pregnancy, each check-up:

  • Blood pressure measured
  • Your belly checked for growth and position of the baby
  • Heart sounds heard from the baby (from 13 weeks)
  • Room for asking questions

If you are worried, you can always call and get a check-up in between.


The obstetric care is reimbursed under the basic health insurance. The costs of the 20-week ultrasound are also reimbursed. The combination test is not reimbursed by all insurers, the NIPT is not reimbursed.