Maternity time

This is an exciting period with all kinds of new experiences. Maternity bed is understood to mean the first eight to ten days after childbirth. We also visit a number of times during this period and are ultimately responsible for the care.

Requesting maternity care

Due to the high demand for maternity care, it is important to submit an application before 16 weeks of pregnancy. Depending on the insurer, an application for maternity care can be submitted at any maternity care center or only at the maternity care centers with which the health insurer has a contract.


A large part of the amount for maternity care is reimbursed from the basic insurance. You have to pay a small part yourself. This information can be requested from the insurance company. When you stay in the hospital in the maternity ward, the number of days of stay is deducted from the days of maternity care at home.

Maternity package

A maternity package is a package that contains all the necessities for childbirth and the maternity bed. Depending on the insurance, the maternity package will be sent home free of charge when you are approximately 30 weeks pregnant. When you request maternity care from the insurance company, the maternity package can be requested immediately. If the maternity package is not covered by the insurance, a maternity package can be purchased from, among others, the home care shop, Prenatal, Natalis. For sustainable and organic packages you can

The brick

From 37 weeks of pregnancy you are obliged to place the bed on bobbins. It is important that the bed is at the correct height so that the midwife and the maternity nurse do not suffer from their backs when they provide care. It is also necessary if you are planning to give birth in the hospital. Bobbins can be rented at home care.