Who are we?

Laura den Haan
BIG nr: 69059203003

After my studies I worked for over a year in another practice in Haarlem. In 2005 I started working as a buddy, where I still enjoy it very much. As a child I knew I wanted to be a midwife and I do not regret this choice.

What appeals to me most in this profession is the contact with people and the variety in the work. In addition, there is nothing more beautiful than driving home in the early morning after supervising a delivery.

I also place and remove spirals and implanon rods on the practice.
I hope to see you in practice and to contribute to a good pregnancy, delivery and maternity period.

Laura Koeleman
BIG nr: 69926327603

After graduating, I first worked for a few months as a midwife in the north of the country.
I am currently working as a midwife in this region, where I come from myself. I do this with great pleasure.

Because of my passion for obstetrics I find the period of pregnancy, childbirth and maternity period very interesting. It is therefore very special for me to be able to experience this process and to support and guide women and their partners in this. In this guidance I think it is important to tailor the care as much as possible to the wishes of the pregnant woman and her partner. Being a part of this special moment in someone's life is also something that is very valuable to me.

See you soon in practice!

Petra van Veldhuizen
BIG nr: 19908726203

My name is Petra Verhage, a midwife since 2007. I have been working as a self-employed nurse since my graduation. First a few years in Aalsmeer and now since 2009 in Uithoorn. In practice, this means that I am present every week for a consultation hour, so that I get to know all clients. When my colleagues are free, I work during the births and maternity visits.

Pregnancy is a very special period in a woman's life and of course also for her partner. And childbirth is a very special and personal experience of which we are allowed to be a part of. The profession offers a lot of variety and special moments.

Jessica Hillebrand
BIG nr: 8992869500

Since November 2021 I have enjoyed working in Uithoorn. And just like my colleagues, you can meet me during office hours, deliveries and maternity visits. I get a lot of satisfaction
from contact with clients+partners, maternity nurses and the unpredictability of a service. I never know what day or night will bring me!
As a midwife, I think it is important that clients know that they can come to us with questions, to discuss grief or fear and sometimes just to be able to complain. Furthermore, I think it is important to laugh in life and where possible I try to take this with me into the doctor's office. Good to know: I also place and remove spirals.

See you soon!

Liselotte Wessels (Assistant)

Liselotte introduces herself

Diane Chick (Assistant)

My name is Diane Kuiken and I am 1 of the 2 practice assistants of the Uithoorn obstetric practice. In 2016 I already worked as an assistant in Uithoorn and I came back in 2021. I have returned to my old familiar place behind the counter where I make appointments and answer the phone, among other things.

In principle I am in practice every Tuesday and Wednesday, but when Liselotte is on vacation I also fill in on her days and vice versa.

In addition to being a practice assistant, I am also a part-time photographer and full-time mother of four children. As a result, I have a wonderfully busy life filled with the fun things that I enjoy optimally.

I hope to see you all soon in practice or to hear on the phone.